Oaks Pioneer Church Policies

RESERVED TIME PERIOD: It is essential you adhere by the time you reserved, as stated in your contract. Other events may be scheduled immediately before or after your time. Please do not arrive early (or you may have to wait); likewise, please plan your ceremony time, photography, etc. so that your departure is in a timely manner. Scheduling adequate time for your ceremony, photography, set-up and take down will help ensure a smooth event.

FACILITIES DIRECTOR ON DUTY DURING YOUR WEDDING: The City of Portland Parks Bureau requires the presence of building security when the church is occupied. This employee (Host/Hostess) is not a wedding assistant but someone to help familiarize the wedding party with the facilities of the church – emergency equipment, light switches, umbrellas, etc. 

NUMBER OF GUESTS: By order of the Fire Marshall, City of Portland, a MAXIMUM of seventy-five (75) guests is permitted in the church, excluding your wedding party.

FLOWERS: Delivery of flowers is allowed only during your reserved time. Flowers and/or ribbons may be placed on the altar, altar rails, window sills, desk, or attached to the pews.

RICE / BIRDSEED / CONFETTI, ETC.: These items are prohibited within or outside the building.

NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: By order of the City of Portland Parks Bureau no alcoholic beverages are allowed within the building or on the church grounds.