Intimate Music, Performance, and Concert Venue in Portland, Oregon


Our community supports the arts! Please contact our director, Lorraine Fyre, at 503.233.1497  if you have any questions about availability and rates. She will be thrilled to help you.

Oaks Pioneer Church has excellent acoustics.

– The beautiful wooden interior moves sound throughout the church with limited need for amplification. We routinely receive high praise from our musical friends about what a great venue the church is for small concerts and performances.

Private Concerts & Shows

-We are a great venue for a small music CD release party or private concert for invited guests or even ticketed sales shows. Laughter can be music to one’s ears, so remember to consider us for Stand up comedy performances, plays, lectures and other entertainment.

Holiday Caroling

-Keep us in mind in during the Holiday Season for an exceptional spot to hear caroling groups perform the music of the season.


Oaks Pioneer Church is non-denominational and welcomes all visitors regardless of race, gender, national origin, color, ethnicity, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.

Special Thanks to MoscaStudio for use of their beautiful photo!

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