Oaks Pioneer Church Security Deposit Information.


Oaks Pioneer Church requires a Security Deposit.



    • A security deposit of $250 is required for all rental events at Oaks Pioneer Church. The security deposit is not liquidated damages and the client’s liability for damages is not limited to amount of damage deposit.
    • The security deposit is due 5 business days prior to the scheduled event.
    • The security deposit will be refunded to the Client within 10 business days after the event provided no
      damage occurred, no excessive cleanup was required, no abuse of staff was reported, and all terms of use were followed by the
      Client and the Client’s guests. Any accrued labor costs in excess of the contracted amount will
      be deducted from the security deposit return. Oaks Pioneer Church/SMILE has sole discretion to partially or
      completely retain the damage deposit.
    • The Client agrees to assume financial responsibility for any damage to or loss, including theft, of
      objects or property belonging to Oaks Pioneer Church/SMILE, and for any personal injury incurred on the
      premises, caused in whole or in part by any act or omission of the Client and/or its guests,
      invitees, or agents.
    • Deposits can be made only by credit or debit cards. No personal checks or cash are accepted.
    • If the deposit is not made within 5 business days of the even, SMILE reserves the right to cancel the event without notice.