Oaks Pioneer Church Security Deposit Information.


Oaks Pioneer Church requires a Security Deposit.



    • Security/Damage Fee:  Depending on the type of event, a security/damage deposit of $250.00 may be required for the Event at the time of booking.
    • After the Event period, if there is no damage or extra charges and the site has been left reasonably clean, 100% of the security deposit shall be refunded within 30 days after the Event.
    • Security deposit refunds will be sent in the same form as payment.
    • Damage, missing items, excess cleaning/trash removal and/or any other charges incurred by SMILE, will be deducted from this deposit.  
    • The Client agrees to assume financial responsibility for any damage to or loss, including theft, of objects or property belonging to Oaks Pioneer Church/SMILE, and for any personal injury incurred on the premises, caused in whole or in part by any act or omission of the Client and/or its guests, invitees, or agents.
    • The Client shall be responsible for any damage or repair related costs to the facilities and its furnishings, as well as damages caused to the landscaping or underground sprinkling, other than normal wear and tear. SMILE shall be the sole judge of restitution and repair. Replacement prices will be based on the items new replacement value.
    • If damages and/or changes exceed the amount of the security deposit, client shall be assessed and agrees to pay the additional charges within 10 days of date of invoice from SMILE.  
    • Fees can be paid only by credit or debit cards. No personal checks or cash are accepted.