Frequently Asked Questions About Oaks Pioneer Church

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers about the OPC. 



What services does the rental fee include?
Your rental fee includes use of the church and its facilities. Renters are welcome to utilize the clothing armoires, coat racks, umbrellas, pipe organ (by qualified musicians) and all furnishings on the property. An on-site host will be present as a resource and to answer any questions about property during your event.


What is your refund and cancellation policy?
Rental fees are non-refundable. As a non-profit we cannot offer refunds because our proceeds go directly back into the community and the care of the facility. However, we are always more than happy to change the date and time of your reservation, depending on availability.

  • A 24 month limit of rescheduling from the originally scheduled date at the original price point.
  • Client is responsible for payment difference of current fees for all rescheduled events which exceed 24 months.
  • Postponement may not exceed 48 months.
  • No reservation postponement to exceed 48 months.

Are other events scheduled on the same day?
As a “ceremony only” venue, we often schedule several events throughout the course of the day. Weekends primarily see the bulk of these multiple bookings.


How much time should I book for my event?
We’ve learned alot over the many years of scheduling events and weddings at OPC. One thing we know for sure is, DO NOT SKIMP ON TIME. Wedding ceremonies most often go very smoothly and without hiccups, but not always. STUFF HAPPENS. Traffic makes people late, flights are delayed, people faint, zippers pop, heels break. Photographers often want extra time with the bride and groom inside or on the grounds alone and this can take time; more time than you anticipate. The more guests you have adds significantly more time to your event too.


How much time do I need for an elopement?
The minimum time allowed for an elopement rental is 1.5 hours.


How many guests can I have and still be considered and elopement?
The maximum number of guests, including the couple and officiant, is twelve (12).


Can I have candles?
By the order of the Portland Fire Marshall, no live flames are allowed at OPC. This includes Unity Candles. Flameless candles are a beautiful alternative and encouraged! Consider a “Sand Ceremony” as a nice alternative to a unity candle.


Can I arrive early to decorate or accept flowers, etc.?
Unfortunately, no. Your time on church grounds begins at the start of your rental time. Deliveries cannot be accepted prior to your rental period. Guests arriving early will find a wonderful neighborhood to explore and enjoy, but cannot access the Church until the rental time begins. If you want time to decorate, please consider that when you book your reservation and allow time in your rental agreement.


What is your alcohol/food/drink policy?
Currently we have a no food or drink policy for the church. This is because of the building’s Historic Building status and our efforts to keep the facilities clean and ideal for all our guests and theirs. We have been able to make rare exceptions under special circumstances. We always want to be able to accommodate our guests and help make their dreams come true on their special day. Reach out to us if you’d like us to consider special circumstances. Please note that all requests for food or beverages must be submitted in writing and approved by the Director of Operations.


Are there restroom facilities?
The is one full restroom located in the west vestibule of the church. There is also a comfortable dressing room next door to the restroom.


Can you accommodate physically challenged guests?
We are accessible for all guests of all abilities and challenges. The main entrance to the church is accessed by steps, but the west vestibule is wheelchair accessible and through there guest can access the main chapel.


Are there any restrictions we need to know about?
We are located in a residential section of Sellwood and follow the guidelines of the City of Portland Police Bureau. No excessive noise is allowed in the City of Portland between the hours of 10:00pm and 7:00am. 


Can we throw rice/birdseed/etc.?
Sadly, no. There are a handful of other options including bubbles, artificial plower petals and Eucalyptus leaves, that work well at OPC. Please inquire with our Event Director about your options.