Oaks Pioneer Chapel Policies


The following chapel policies are in place to ensure that our guests and theirs, have a wonderful experience at the chapel. Your satisfaction and positive experience is our number one priority. Additionally, some of our policies are designed to preserve and protect our historic structure and grounds. If you have any questions or would like us to consider special accommodations or circumstances, please just ask. We’ll do our best to make your event perfect for you.

RESERVED TIME PERIOD: It is essential that each guest adhere by the time reserved, as stated in your contract. Other events may be scheduled immediately before or after your time. Please plan your ceremony time, photography, etc. so that your departure is in a timely manner. Scheduling adequate time for your ceremony, photography, set-up and take down will help ensure a smooth event.

  • PLEASE DO NOT arrive early and remind your guests to not arrive early either. You may not be granted early access.
  • IF YOU ARRIVE EARLY OR LEAVE LATE you will be billed for that additional time to the nearest half hour.
  • Fees are charged for the period of the time that the group enters the building until they leave or for the time reserved, whichever is greater.
  • All fees are rounded up to the next half hour.
  • Set-up and clean-up times must be included in the time group rents the facility for their event.
  • If you think you need more time, ADD more time! We are happy to do so at any point prior to your event; schedule permitting.

FACILITIES DIRECTOR ON DUTY DURING YOUR WEDDING: The City of Portland Parks Bureau requires the presence of building security when the chapel is occupied. This employee (Host/Hostess) is not a wedding assistant but someone to help familiarize the wedding party with the facilities of the chapel – emergency equipment, light switches, umbrellas, etc.


RENTAL FEES ARE NONREFUNDABLE. As a non-profit we cannot offer refunds because our proceeds go directly back into the community and the care of the facility. However, we are always more than happy to change the date and time of your reservation, depending on availability.

  • In the event that Renter must change the agreed upon rental date and/or time, SMILE will make every effort to transfer the reservation to the newest requested date.
  • Any additional fees incurred will be the sole responsibility of the Renter, are due immediately, and are not refundable.
  • 24-month limit on rescheduling from original date. 
  • Client is responsible for rate difference of new date
  • Reservation is non-transferable
  • No reservation postponement to exceed 24 months

NUMBER OF GUESTS: By order of the Fire Marshall, City of Portland, a MAXIMUM of seventy-five (75) guests is permitted in the chapel, including your wedding party.

OFFICIANT: It is the responsibility of the renter to contract the necessary and authorized officiant, clergy or judge for their ceremony. If you would like references, we know some great ones so ask us for a reference!


  • Nothing may be attached to any walls, fixtures, doors, windows, partitions, light fixtures, or any interior or exterior surfaces which leaves any marks, residue, holes or damage.  
  • Rice, birdseed, confetti, glitter, potpourri, fresh flower petals, spray string (or their equivalent), sparklers, fireworks, sky lanterns or anything that has the potential to ignite are not permitted anywhere in or on Oaks Pioneer Church property.
  • Tape on pews is not permitted. To affix or hang items from pews, please use clear fishing line, ribbon, or fabric.  
  • By order of the Fire Marshall, City of Portland, live candle flames are prohibited inside the church and within 100 feet of this historic building.  
  • Any use of these prohibited items will result in the minimum assessment of a $250.00 fee and may result in additional costs if repairs or cleaning incurred by Oaks Pioneer Church exceed this amount.

FLOWERS: Fresh flowers are welcome! Flowers and/or ribbons may be placed on the altar, altar rails, window sills, desk, or attached to the pews. Please arrange deliveries during your rental period, not before. Fresh flower petals cannot be scattered as they are easily ground into the carpeting. Alternatively, we recommend fresh eucalyptus leaves or artificial silf petals. Guests will need to gather these up and dispose of them prior to the end of their reservation.

CANDLES: By order of the Fire Marshall, City of Portland, smoking and live candle flames are prohibited inside the chapel and within 100 feet of this historic building. This includes unity candles. Flameless candles are a beautiful alternative and encouraged! Consider a “Sand Ceremony” as a nice alternative to a unity candle.

RICE / BIRDSEED / CONFETTI, ETC.: These items are prohibited within or outside the building. Some great alternatives are streamer wands, bubbles, and bells (to be jingled, not thrown ?)

NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: By order of the City of Portland Parks Bureau no alcoholic beverages are allowed within the building. Alcohol can be provided on the grounds with addition of an Adder, and with prior written approval from management.

NO FOOD INDOORS: We can make accommodations for those wishing to have minimal finger-type foods outdoors. Bottled water is allowed inside. Please check out our Adders Page to learn more about serving snacks and beverages to your guests.

CLEAN UP: We require all guests to adopt the “Grand Canyon” policy of “What you pack in, you must pack out!” We do not have the staffing or the time between events to clean up messes. Additionally, there are no large waste receptacles on the property for trash disposal, so we ask that any large amounts of waste be removed from the property at the end of the rental period. We ask everyone to please be courteous of this and we thank you!