Church Ornaments

Oaks Pioneer Church Ornaments

Ornaments are $35 each, shipping and handling included. To order, send a letter including your name, your address, your phone number, and how many of each ornament you want to:

Oaks Pioneer Church
8210 SE 13th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97202

Include a check or money order for $30 per ornament ordered. Please allow two weeks for shipping.

Ornament Number One

ornament1Designed and Produced by:
Betty Woods Gimarelli
24K Gold Plated & Enamel Silk Screen
The Portland Ornament

Artist Betty Woods Gimarelli has produced The Portland Ornament since 1989. Each year she selects a different historic site in her beloved city to commemorate. Her ornaments are collected world-wide.





Ornament Number Two

ornament2Oaks Pioneer Church
Commemorative Ornament

Oaks Pioneer Church, originally St. John’s Episcopal Church, was built in 1851, and restored by the neighborhood association SMILE, Sellwood Moreland Improvement League. About 300 weddings are held each year in this unique historic chapel.