The Sellwood SMILE Station

The SMILE Station is a local venue ideal for receptions and community meetings. Built in 1926, it was originally a firehouse and later remodeled to serve the community’s needs. SMILE Station serves as the SMILE (Sellwood-Moreland Improvement League) headquarters, and hosts many community meetings and private events.

The SMILE Station is available for rent for celebrations, meetings, retreats and concerts.  It is an affordable, first class facility that offers a vintage interior with landscaped grounds, a baby grand piano, fireplace, commercial kitchen, round table seating for 60 with capacity for 100 and is handicapped accessible

History: Originally a firehouse, Old Engine 20, it was built in 1926. The Toy and Joy Maker program got its start in this building. In 1959, it began its second career as a clubhouse for the Boys and Girls Club. When that group vacated, it was purchased from the city and renovated for its present use.

The SMILE Station is a wonderful facility. On premises we have…
  • baby grand piano
  • fireplace
  • commercial kitchen
  • round table seating for 60 with capacity for 100
  • handicapped accessible
Additionally, we are…
  • a short walk from Oaks Pioneer Church Chapel
  • located in the heart of the Sellwood neighborhood
The SMILE Station is located at:
8210 S.E. 13th Avenue
Portland, OR 97202

For more information, please contact our director, Lorraine Fyre. 503-234-3570 or by email at